Flatware set


Argenterie d’Antan offers you complete canteens with the possibility of matching up or creating your own canteen by mixing the styles as you please. Offering a wide choice of sets from the 18th century to our times, Argenterie d’Antan will guide you and advise you on how to marry the styles.


To complete an already existing canteen or quite simply please yourself from day to day Argenterie d’Antan proposes series of 6 to 12 pieces: table sets, table knives, dessert knives, fish sets, dessert sets, coffee spoons, moka spoons, oyster forks, snail forks, individual sauce spoons, ice-cream spoons, lobster picks, cake forks…


Nowadays, we are witnesses of a real craze for mixing styles so as to make the table more attractive and colourful. This trend – now an integral part of modern life – is the consequence of inherited collections that have been split up, and which are still being split today, so that the heirs end up with incomplete canteens and with models that are difficult to match up since they can no longer be acquired new. A harmonisation of the styles is sought in such cases, in which with patience and a bit of luck purists can find pieces identical to their model.


They will embellish your meals: cutlery for hors-d’œuvres, serving cutlery, carving services, asparagus tongs, sauce spoons, ladles, cream ladles, salad sets, bread knives, butter knives, cheese knives, ice-cream sets, tart slices, jam spoons, absinthe spoons…


Come and find all the styles at Argenterie d’Antan: from Louis XIII to our days. The Universe of the styles: Louis XIII, Louis XIV, Louis XV, Louis XVI, Napoleon III, Art Nouveau, Art Deco, Contemporary.