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 Once upon a time in Paris at 6 Rue de Birague in the 4th Arrondissement there was a pretty Boutique called Argenterie d’Antan (Silverware of Yesteryear) specialised in the fields of old and second-hand silverware for Art for the table and the Art of Living. In the extension of the Place des Vosges and under the eye of Louis XIII, Argenterie d’Antan makes us travel through time and the styles. As an enthusiastic lover of the beauties of tradition and of objets d’art the owner of the premises evaluates, buys, and sells solid and plated silverware – both old and second-hand. Under her expert eye she lets us discover the origins of these silver antiques whether plated or solid. History recognises silverware to be the reflection of rich and varied lines in all their perfection. The purity of the designs expressed through talented silversmiths’ work has founded an expertise that has succeeded in imposing itself throughout the world. Argenterie d’Antan is imbued with this recognition and specialises in collector’s pieces of silversmith’s and goldsmith’s work of essentially French origins from the 18th century down to our days. If your dream is to constitute a collection of heirlooms in silver you can have the pleasure of enjoying every day by means of a fine table, a very special piece, or finding that particular article, Argenterie d’Antanwill leave no stone unturned to make your wish come true. You will meet again all the great goldsmiths of Yesteryear and today and have the pleasure of discovering or rediscovering models the production of which is now finished. The greatest brands such as Christofle, Ercuis, Puiforcat, Odiot etc. are our specialities.

Agrandir le plan

Agrandir le plan


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